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Of the hundreds of countries recognized by the United Nations, some offer their citizens the opportunity for a high quality of life, while others face unimaginable devastation, violence, and persecution for having different religious, political, and social affiliations.

Each year, thousands of people flee their home country in hopes of building a better life in the United States. Some make the journey to ensure they can feed and provide shelter for their family, while others have no choice but to leave their home to preserve their safety.

At Garcia & Qayum Law Group, P.A. we believe that any person seeking asylum in the United States should have the chance to live a better life.

Our team has worked with hundreds of clients who have sought asylum and refugee status, and we have heard countless heartbreaking stories of those seeking refuge unsuccessfully. We are committed to aiding those who need our help.

Given the stakes involved in the asylum application process, it is essential that you speak with one of our experienced attorneys to help ensure that your paperwork is completed correctly. Filling out the form inaccurately or not abiding by the guidelines can lead to a delay or a denial.

Our attorneys have a pulse on the latest developments around the world that may be relevant to your asylum application, and we always use our up-to-date knowledge to help strengthen your case.

For many, leaving their home country and making their way to the United States can take months or even years, and it is not uncommon to be left exhausted and discouraged. We work tirelessly to get your application completed in a timely and accurate manner.

Asylum vs. Refugee — What is the difference?

The terms asylum seeker and refugee are often used interchangeably, but they do have slightly different meanings which are essential to your understanding.

An asylum seeker is an individual seeking international protection; someone who leaves their home country and enters another in hopes of starting a new life. Not all seekers will be granted asylum, but when working with Garcia & Qayum Law Group, P.A., we will make sure your application is filled out correctly, and you have been given a chance to explain your reasoning for retreat.

A refugee is an individual who has fled a country in fear of not being able to remain there safely. An asylum seeker is waiting for their application to be approved for refugee status.

In both cases, refugees and those seeking asylum are fleeing from their home country due to their fear of being persecuted based on their political, social, and religious views.

To increase your chances of having your asylum granted, you should submit your application within 12 months of reaching the United States; doing so after this time puts you at risk of being denied. The United States government looks at a variety of factors when deciding whether to approve an individual.

Those who feel they would be in danger if deported back to their home country for any of the following reasons may be eligible to apply for asylum:

Political opinion: If your home country has shown a history of persecuting individuals based on their political beliefs by using violence or other means.

Religion: If your home country is known to persecute individuals based on their religious beliefs and you feel you would be in physical danger if you returned home.

Race: If your home country is known to discriminate and persecute based on race.

Group affiliations: Some countries persecute individuals based on the social groups an individual belongs to. If you feel that returning to your home country could result in your harm as the result of your social interactions, you may qualify.

While meeting any of the above guidelines often means you can apply for asylum, you must be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you would be in danger if you were to return home to have your application approved.

Will you speed up my asylum application?

Waiting for a case to be processed can feel like an eternity as an asylum seeker or refugee applicant. Leaving your home country and fleeing persecution is an incredibly stressful time and it is reasonable to want your application to be processed quickly.

While our team cannot help you jump to the front of the line, we can work to ensure that your application is filled out correctly which can prevent delays. Depending on your situation, it can take months to process your request fully.

Our team of attorneys is well-equipped to review your specific situation and provide you with tailored guidance. Our goal is to help you establish a new life for you and your family; one that is free from violence and persecution due to your beliefs or identity.

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