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For a United States citizen, going to court for a traffic ticket or minor offense may be nerve-wracking, but the outcome will generally not make any lasting difference on your quality of life.

The same cannot be said for an individual who finds themselves going to immigration court.  In most cases, the stakes of immigration court are high because the verdict will determine whether an individual can stay in the United States or be deported to their home country.

As you might imagine, putting your best foot forward during a trial like this is crucial. Hiring an experienced immigration lawyer is one of the most important things you can do if you or a loved one find themselves called to immigration court.

Because immigration law is incredibly complex, knowing the ins and outs of the latest rules and regulations is a must in ensuring you have a strong case. Even if your situation seems to be destined for a specific outcome, our attorneys are often able to get the case dismissed if proper procedures were not followed.

While immigration court is like other forms of court in the US, it is also very different.  In immigration court, the Department of Homeland Security will make their case as to why the government should deport you.  They will share why they believe you might be a risk to the safety of US citizens and highlight any apparent violations of US law.

Even if you were unaware of the potential violations committed, court proceedings could often feel incredibly overwhelming and stressful, especially if you believe you are likely to be deported.

Fortunately, not all cases brought to the immigration court result in deportation.  Minor violations of US law do not always require that you be removed, which is why it is crucial to have proper representation for your case.  In many instances, an immigration waiver can be granted which essentially grants another chance to an individual who has been accused of an immigration law violation.

A person who was found in possession of a small amount of marijuana, for example, might be able to obtain an immigration waiver which would void the deportation order.  They may still face legal repercussions, but it might not be harmful to their immigration status.

If a judge orders your deportation, our team can discuss the possibility of filing for immigration relief by submitting the proper paperwork.  In some cases, immigration relief can help produce a more favorable outcome for those in court.

During court, the judge will hear testimony from relevant witnesses and ultimately come to their conclusion on whether an individual should be deported.

If possible, we will work with you to apply for and receive immigration relief.

What to Do in Immigration Court

It is imperative that you show up dressed nicely and that you are on time to your court proceeding; this is not the time to be late or tardy, given the high stakes of the court’s decision (which can ultimately lead to deportation). Setting a good first impression goes a long way in helping the judge rule favorably in your case.

When working with a member of our team, we will prepare you for your court hearing and ensure that we present your case in the best possible light. We will also go over any specifics of your argument that may lead to the ultimate dismissal of your case. If you were not served properly, for example, we could use that to strengthen your argument.

Our team at Garcia & Qayum Law Group, P.A. is highly diverse, with a wide variety of backgrounds and skill sets that we use to help our clients with their legal immigration needs.

Given the importance of the outcome of your immigration court hearing, not having the best possible team representing you puts you at a severe disadvantage.

Our team has years of experience in immigration court, and we are passionate about delivering the results that our clients need.  We know that a good outcome in court can be life-changing.

If you or a loved one has recently received a notice to appear in immigration court, we highly recommend that you give us a call today so we can discuss the specifics of your case.  Having the right representation can be the difference between being deported and being allowed to remain in the United States permanently.

We know how difficult and often scary situations like this can be, which is why our team is committed to treating you with respect throughout the entire process.

Unsure if your case warrants potential deportation? Our team can answer any specific questions you have and start working on a solution.

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